RLIF - Rugby League International Federation

rlif-logo As the Rugby Football Union in England refused permission to obtain compensation for players of the northern clubs for loss of earnings, 22 clubs founded their own association. At a meeting in the George Hotel in Huddersfield in August 1895, the Northern Union was created.
In 1907 the major differences to Rugby Union laws were introduced with the reduction in the number of players from 15 to 13, the "play the ball" rule, the elimination of line-out, and a different scoring. Renaming to Northern Rugby League in 1922, the association is simply called Rugby League since 1980.
Alongside England the sport spread especially in Australia and New Zealand.

Instigated by the French the International Rugby League Board was formed as a world governing body on 1948, Jan 25. It has only five full member nations AUS, FRA, GBR, NZL and PNG at all time.
The new Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) was established by AUS, GBR, NZL and PNG in August 1998. This also formally ended the so called „rugby war” in Australia between the Australian Rugby League (ARL) and the 1995 created Australian Super League (ASL). Beginning with the 1998 season both leagues merged to the National Rugby League.
This „rugby war” had influenced rugby league worldwide as all member nations except AUS withdraw from International Rugby League Board forming the Super League International Board instead.


International Rugby League Board
25.01.1948 - 1985
1985 - 28.02.1997 Kenneth Arthurson AUS
28.02.1997 - 19.08.1998 Neil Whittaker AUS
Super League International Board
18.12.1995 - 19.08.1998 Maurice Lindsay GBR
Rugby League International Federation
19.08.1998 - 19.03.2002 John McDonald AUS
19.03.2002 - 01.06.2011 Colin Love AUS
01.06.2011 - 02.05.2014 Scott Carter NZL
02.05.2014 - Nigel Wood GBR

Player of the Year Award

The best player in Rugby League is awarded the „World Golden Boot”, which is voted by journalists within Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand. Since 2008 onwards the RLIF hands out its own „International Player of the Year” award.

World Golden Boot
1984 Wally Lewis AUS Wynnum Many Seagulls AUS
1985 Brett Kenny AUS Parramatta Eels AUS
1986 Garry Jack AUS Balmain Tigers AUS
1987 Peter Sterling AUS and Parramatta Eels AUS

Hugh McGahan NZL Eastern Suburbs AUS
1988 Ellery Hanley ENG Wigan RLFC ENG
1989 Mal Meninga AUS Canberra Raiders AUS
1990 Garry Schofield ENG Leeds RLFC ENG

retrospective awarded in 2011
1991 - 1998 not awarded
1999 Andrew Johns AUS Newcastle Knights AUS
2000 Brad Fittler AUS Sydney Roosters AUS
2001 Andrew Johns AUS Newcastle Knights AUS
2002 Stacey Jones NZL New Zealand Warriors NZL
2003 Darren Lockyer AUS Brisbane Broncos AUS
2004 Andrew Farrell ENG Wigan Warriors ENG
2005 Anthony Minichiello AUS Sydney Roosters AUS
2006 Darren Lockyer AUS Brisbane Broncos AUS
2007 Cameron Smith AUS Melbourne Storm AUS
International Player of the Year
2008 Billy Slater AUS Melbourne Storm AUS
2009 Jarryd Hayne AUS Parramatta Eels AUS
2010 Todd Carney AUS Sydney Roosters AUS
2011 Billy Slater AUS Melbourne Storm AUS
2012 Cameron Smith AUS Melbourne Storm AUS
2013 Sony Bill Williams NZL Sydney Roosters AUS
2014 Sam Burgess ENG South Sydney Rabbitohs AUS

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