FIVB - Fédération Internationale de Volleyball

fivb-logo1 fivb-logo2 fivb-logo3 The game was originally developed from other ball games as Mintonette by William G. Morgan, Director of Physical Education at the YMCA in Holyoke (Massachusetts, USA) in 1895. On 1895, Dec 02 Alfred T. Halstead proposed the name volleyball. Initially played with any number of players, was this number limited to six in 1918. In 1920, another important rule was introduced: The maximum three-time touch of the ball, then it must be played over the net.
The game has flourished thanks to the YMCA across North America and a short time later around the globe.

On 1934, Aug 30, a Technical Commission for fistball and volleyball was formed within the Fédération Internationale des Sports de Handball d′Amateurs (FIHA), but without significant influence. The Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) was founded by 14 associations (BEL, BRA, EGY, FRA, HUN, ITA, NED, POL, POR, ROU, TCH, URU, USA, YUG) in Paris on 1947, Apr 20. 1968, the mark of 100 members has been exceeded and 2016 the FIVB has 220 member associations.


20.04.1947 - 25.07.1984 Paul Libaud FRA
25.07.1984 - 24.08.2008 Dr. Rubén Acosta Hernández MEX
24.08.2008 - 22.09.2012 Wei Jizhong CHN
21.09.2012 - Ary Graça BRA

Secretary General

20.04.1947 - 30.09.1978 Henry Aujard FRA
30.09.1978 - 30.09.1982 Angel Barzashki BUL
30.09.1982 - 15.09.1988 Chadly Zouiten TUN
15.09.1988 - 22.07.1992 Piet de Bruin NED
1992 - 1997 ???
1997 - 30.01.2001 ---
General Manager
30.01.2001 - 17.08.2005 Jean-Pierre Seppey SUI

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