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ULEB - Union des Ligues Européennes de Basket Ball


uleb-logo2 The professional leagues from Italy, France and Spain founded the Union of European Leagues of Basketball on 1991 Jun 25, in Roma ITA. The aim of this union was to coordinate the activities of the participating leagues, not least getting more influence in the national associations, but also in the international federation FIBA.

Other leagues joined the ULEB in the following years:
1996 GRE, POR (until 2008)
1999 BEL, GBR (until 2017), SUI (until 2016)
2001 GER, NED, POL
2002 AUT (until 2015), Adriatic League (until 2015)
2003 LTU
2004 CZE (until 2016)
2005 ISR
2011 RUS
In summer 2000, the ULEB decided to start its own European club competition called EuroLeague in the 2000/01 season. A second competition ULEB Cup started in fall 2002. Sometimes (2001/02 and 2005/06 - 2015/16) ULEB and FIBA had agreements to regulate their relations and the different club competitions.


25.06.1991 - 18.03.1998 Gian Luigi Porelli ITA
18.03.1998 - 06.10.2016 Eduardo Portela Marín ESP
06.10.2016 - Tomas Van den Spiegel BEL

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