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IOC - International Olympic Committee

ioc-logo „The International Olympic Committee is a private non-governmental organization. It is the authority responsible for organizing the modern Olympic Games. The IOC is the controlling body for the National Olympic Committees (NOCs), which are the national constituents of the worldwide Olympic Movement.‟ (from Wikipedia)
The history of the modern Olympic Games is also the history of sports development since the mid-19th century.
Beginning in England, at first only members of the upper classes devoted themselves to sports (gentlemen sports) as leisure activities, as a status symbol reserved for them. (The verb „to sport‟ first appeared in the English novel „Destruction of Troya‟ by an unknown author, meaning for recreational activities of the nobility used in contrast to the „pastimes‟ of the lowly people.) From this historical root the concept of the amateur is to explain also. „Amateur‟ was originally the demarcation of the elitist upper class of all who had to earn a living. Conversely, the term „Professional‟ had nothing to do with the practice of sports or morally judgment. Interestingly, even Coubertin found the amateur concept ridiculous, calling it a „caste question‟. On the other hand, the „Amateur‟ was imposed on the IOC by the sports federations. Until the 1990s, the amateur status was crucial for the admission of an athlete to the Olympic Games.
At the end of the 19th century, sports also spread to the middle classes. Its pedagogical function had been recognized and placed in the service of education in the elite schools. From this pedagogical point of view, the original ideas of the French Baron de Coubertin originate as well for the Olympic movement initiated by him.
At the beginning, women's sports played no role in the Olympic Movement but also in sports generally. Coubertin remained an opponent of women's sports until his death. He regarded it as „contrary to the laws of nature.‟ Although there some competitions for women in the early years of the Olympic Games (tennis, golf, swimming, figure skating) it lasted until 1926, as the IOC decided to allow women's athletics with 12 to 5 votes. This was the beginning of a very long way to gender equality at the Olympic Games.


23.06.1894 - 15.04.1896 Demetrius Vikelas GRE
15.04.1896 - 10.04.1915 Baron Pierre de Coubertin FRA
10.04.1915 - 05.04.1919 Baron Godefroy de Blonay SUI, acting
05.04.1919 - 26.05.1926 Baron Pierre de Coubertin FRA
26.05.1926 - 06.01.1942 🕆 Comte Henri de Baillet-Latour BEL
07.01.1942 - 07.09.1946 Johannes Sigfrid Edström SWE, acting
07.09.1946 - 31.08.1952 Johannes Sigfrid Edström SWE
01.09.1952 - 11.10.1972 Avery Brundage USA
12.10.1972 - 03.08.1980 Lord Michael Morris Killanin IRL
04.08.1980 - 16.07.2001 Juan Antonio Samaranch ESP
16.07.2001 - 10.09.2013 Dr. Jacques Rogge BEL
10.09.2013 - Dr. Thomas Bach GER

Organizations of Olympic Movement

National Olympic Committee (NOC)

The carriers of the Olympic movement in the respective countries are the IOC-approved National Olympic Committee (NOC). Only the NOC can send athletes to the Olympic Games.

Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC)

anoc-logo2 anoc-logo1
The 206 (01/2019) NOCs meet in the form of the Association of National Olympic Committees (founded on 26.-27.06.1979 in San Juan PUR) for the exchange of information and experience at least every two years. In addition to preparing for meetings with the IOC Executive Board or the Olympic Congresses, the ANOC also makes proposals to the IOC on the use of funds under the Olympic Solidarity programs.

26.06.1979 - 15.03.2012 Mario Vázquez Raña MEX
15.-18.03.2012 -----
18.03. - 13.04.2012 Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah KUW, acting
13.04.2012 - 28.11.2018 Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah KUW
28.11.2018 - 20.10.2022 Robin Mitchell FIJ, acting
20.10.2022 - Robin Mitchell FIJ

The ANOC groups the NOCs into five continental organizations:
ANOCA - Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa
Panam Sports - Pan-American Sports Organization
OCA - Olympic Council of Asia
ONOC - Oceania National Olympic Committees
and the

EOC - European Olympic Committees

eoc-logo3 eoc-logo2 eoc-logo1
After several attempts (The first general assembly took place on 25.10.1969.) the association was officially founded in Lisboa POR on 16.10.1975 as the Association of European NOCs (AENOC). On 11.11.1995 the organization renamed to European Olympic Committees. The EOC consists of 50 NOCs (01/2020). It organizes the European Games and the European Youth Olympic Festivals.

25.10.1969 - 21.10.1976 Comte Jean de Beaumont FRA
21.10.1976 - 22.11.1980 Bo Bengtson SWE
22.11.1980 - 08.10.1987 Franco Carraro ITA
08.10.1987 - 12.10.1989 Kurt Heller AUT
12.10.1989 - 30.11.2001 Dr. Jacques Rogge BEL
30.11.2001 - 29.07.2006 Mario Pescante ITA
29.07.2006 - 18.08.2016 Patrick Joseph Hickey IRL
18.08.2016 - 25.11.2017 Janez Kocijančič SLO, acting
25.11.2017 - 01.06.2020 🕆 Janez Kocijančič SLO
01.06.2020 - 10.06.2021 Niels Nygaard DEN, acting
10.06.2021 - Spyros Capralos GRE

EYOF - European Youth Olympic Festivals

The EOC introduced this multi-sport event for 13-17-year olds in 1991. Until 2001, this event was still called European Youth Olympic Days.
The EYOF take place in selected sports and with a limited number of disciplines every two years.

Summer Winter
1991, Jul 12 - 21 Bruxelles BEL ----- -----
1993, Jul 03 - 09 Valkenswaard NED 1993, Feb 07 - 10 Aosta ITA
1995, Jul 09 - 14 Bath GBR 1995, Feb 04 - 10 Andorra AND
1997, Jul 18 - 24 Lisboa POR 1997, Feb 07 - 13 Sundsvall SWE
1999, Jul 10 - 16 Esbjerg DEN 1999, Mar 06 - 12 Poprad SVK
2001, Jul 03 - 09 Murcia ESP 2001, Mar 11 - 15 Vuokatti FIN
2003, Jul 27 - Aug 03 Paris FRA 2003, Jan 25 - 31 Bled SLO
2005, Jul 03 - 08 Lignano Sabbiadoro ITA 2005, Jan 23 - 28 Monthey SUI
2007, Jul 21 - 28 Beograd SRB 2007, Feb 18 - 23 Jaca ESP
2009, Jul 19 - 25 Tampere FIN 2009, Feb 15 - 20 Województwo śląskie POL
2011, Jul 23 - 30 Trabzon TUR 2011, Feb 13 - 18 Liberec CZE
2013, Jul 14 - 19 Utrecht NED 2013, Feb 17 - 22 Braşov ROU
2015, Jul 26 - Aug 01 Tbilisi GEO 2015, Jan 25 - 30 Vorarlberg AUT, Vaduz LIE
2017, Jul 22 - 30 Győr HUN 2017, Feb 12 - 17 Erzurum TUR
2019, Jul 20 - 28 Baku AZE 2019, Feb 09 - 16 Sarajevo, Istočno Sarajevo BIH
2022, Jul 24 - 30 Banská Bystrica SVK 2022, Mar 20 - 25 Vuokatti FIN
2023, Jul 23 - 29 Maribor SLO 2023, Jan 21 - 28 Friuli-Venezia Giulia ITA

2022 Summer: Originally planned for 2021, Jul 25 - 31 but postponed after rescheduling of Olympic Games to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
2022 Winter: Originally planned for 2021, Feb 06 - 13 but postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

IFs - International Sports Federations

The International Sports Federations are responsible for the integrity of their sports on an international level. These organizations establish the rules of their sports and are responsible for the arbitration, judges and other officials. They plan and organize the competitions at the Olympic Games and other international competitions.
To arrange competitions of both Summer and Winter Olympic Games, the IFs have formed the following associations.

ASOIF - Association of Summer Olympic International Federations


The 21 International Federations, which sports belonged to the program of the 1984 Summer Olympics founded the ASOIF on 30.05.1983.

30.05.1983 - 07.11.1999 🕆 Primo Nebiolo ITA (IAAF)
08.11.1999 - 23.02.2000 Lu Shengrong CHN (IBF), acting
23.02.2000 - 31.12.2012 Denis Oswald SUI (FISA)
01.01.2013 - Francesco Ricci Bitti ITA (ITF)

Member federations (06/2023)
BWF Badminton World Federation
FEI Fédération Equestre Internationale
FIE Fédération Internationale d'Escrime
FIBA Fédération Internationale de Basketball
FIFA Fédération Internationale de Football Association
FIG Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique
FIH Fédération Internationale de Hockey
FIVB Fédération Internationale de Volleyball
IBA International Boxing Association
ICF International Canoe Federation
IFSC International Federation of Sport Climbing
IGF International Golf Federation
IHF International Handball Federation
IJF International Judo Federation
ISSF International Shooting Sport Federation
ISA International Surfing Association
ITTF International Table Tennis Federation
ITF International Tennis Federation
IWF International Weightlifting Federation
UCI Union Cycliste Internationale
UIPM Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne
UWW United World Wrestling
World Aquatics
World Archery
World Athletics
WDSF World DanceSport Federation
World Rowing
World Rugby
World Sailing
World Skate
World Taekwondo
World Triathlon

AIOWF- Association of International Olympic Winter Sports Federations

The establishment of a (General) Association of International Winter Sports Federations (AIWF) was agreed at a meeting of the IOC Executive Board with the winter sports federations in Sarajevo on 02.12.1981. The official recognition took place on occasion of the 85th IOC session on 26.05.1982. In 2000, during its meeting held in Sydney, the AIWF added an „Olympic‟ to its name and an „O‟ to its abbreviation.

02.12.1981 - 22.09.2000 Marc Hodler SUI (FIS)
22.09.2000 - 26.08.2002 Gian-Franco Kasper SUI (FIS)
26.08.2002 - 08.04.2014 Rene Fasel SUI (IIHF)
08.04.2014 - 05.11.2020 Gian-Franco Kasper SUI (FIS)
05.11.2020 - Ivo Ferriani ITA (IBSF)

Member federations (06/2023)
IBU International Biathlon Union
IBSF International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation
WCF World Curling Federation
IIHF International Ice Hockey Federation
ISU International Skating Union
FIL Fédération Internationale de Luge de Course
FIS Fédération Internationale de Ski

ARISF - Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations

The members of the ARISF are international sports federations that are recognized by the IOC but are currently not participating in the Olympic Games. As soon as their sports are included in the Olympic program, they automatically lose their membership of the ARISF and will become members of the ASOIF or AIOWF.
The concept of an organization of such sports federations was discussed of a meeting of the IOC Executive Board with them on 01.06.1983 in Lausanne. Later that year a draft of the ARISF constitution was sent to the IOC. On 01.12.1983 the IOC informed Mr. Kim that the Executive Board had recognized the new organization last week. The annual meeting of the ARISF approved the constitution on 28.05.1984 in Lausanne.

06.06.1983 - 28.05.1984 Dr. Kim Un Yong KOR (WTF)
28.05.1984 - 19.03.1993 Dr. Kim Un Yong KOR (WTF)
19.03.1993 - 13.09.1994 Andrés Botero COL (IWWF)
13.09.1994 - 31.12.1996 Philip J.M. van der Ven NED (WSF)
01.01. - 21.05.1997 Ron Froehlich USA (FIT), acting
21.05.1997 - 17.04.2005 Ron Froehlich USA (FIT/since 1999 FIG)
17.04.2005 - 27.05.2013 Dr. Jan Fransoo NED (IKF)
27.05.2013 - Dr. Raffaele Chiulli ITA (UIM)

Member federations (06/2023)
FAI Fédération Aéronautique Internationale
IFAF International Federation of American Football
FIA Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile
FIB Federation of International Bandy
WBSC World Baseball Softball Confederation
WCBS World Confederation of Billiards Sports
CMSB Confédération Mondiale des Sports de Boules
IBF International Bowling Federation
WBF World Bridge Federation
ICU International Cheer Union
FIDE Fédération Internationale des Échecs
ICC International Cricket Council
IFF International Floorball Federation
WFDF World Flying Disc Federation
IFI International Federation Icestocksport
WKF World Karate Federation
WAKO World Association of Kickboxing Organizations
IKF International Korfball Federation
WL World Lacrosse
ILSF International Life Saving Federation
FIM Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme
UIAA Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme
IFMA International Federation of Muaythai Associations
World Netball
IOF International Orienteering Federation
FIPV Fédération Internationale de Pelota Vasca
FIP Federation of International Polo
UIM Union Internationale Motonautique
IRF International Racquetball Federation
FIAS Fédération Internationale de Sambo
ISMF International Ski Mountaineering Federation
WSF World Squash Federation
IFS International Sumo Federation
TWIF Tug of War International Federation
CMAS Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques
FISU Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire
IWWF International Water Ski & Wakeboard Federation
IWUF International Wushu Federation

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