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RSI - Red Sport International (defunct)

On 22.07.1921 in Moskva, 13 representatives from eight countries (URS, GER, FRA, ITA, HUN, TCH, SWE, NED) founded the International Association of Red Sports and Gymnastics Organizations, or Red Sports International (RSI).
Headquarter of this communist counterpart to the social democratic Lucerne Sports International (LSI) was Moskva, its chairman was Nikolay Podvoiskiy. Its original task was agitation and propaganda in the existing LSI-affiliated workers' sports organizations to bring them under communist influence.
Outside the Soviet Union, there were no organizations until the affiliation of the communist sports organization of TCH (founded in May 1921) in October 1922, followed by FRA (1923) and NOR (1924). In October 1924, the RSI had affiliate federations in URS, TCH, FRA, NOR, ITA, USA, BUL, EST and URU. After the affiliation of the German Rotsport in 1931, new members from JPN, ROU, ESP and HUN joined the RSI in 1932. The international office moved to Berlin in 1930, to Copenhagen in March 1933, and to Prague in 1935.
In 1936, the RSI had still five member organizations in CAN, SWE, URS, ESP and TCH. In April 1937, the Communist International (ComIntern) incorporated the RSI as a sports department, which meant its practical end. The ComIntern itself decided on its dissolution on 15.05.1943.


The RSI held its 1st Winter Spartakiad in Oslo in February 1928 and its 1st Spartakiad from 12.-22.08.1928 in Moskva. The Summer Spartakiad was originally planned for Praha but could not be organized there. 4,035 athletes, including over 600 foreigners, competed at this Summer Spartakiad in almost all Olympic disciplines.
The 2nd Spartakiad was supposed to hold in Berlin from 04.-12.07.1931. The Spartakiad was finally banned on 01.07.1931. (The first ban had been lifted on 24.06.). They tried to undermine this ban by organizing various smaller competitions (at festivals, training competitions, etc.). Many German athletes also traveled to Moscow to participate in a large sports parade of Soviet athletes, who had been denied entry to Germany.
For March 1933, the 2nd Winter Spartakiad was planned in the Soviet Union. The 3rd Spartakiad was to take place from 01.-08.08.1933 in Moskva. Because of the global political situation, the Spartakiads were postponed until 1934 and finally canceled.
Following normalization of relations with the Socialist Workers' Sport International (SASI), the associations affiliated with the RSI participated in the SASI 3rd Workers' Olympiad in 1937.

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