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SASI - Sozialistische Arbeitersport Internationale

Until World War II

Forerunner was the International Office in Bruxelles, which was decided by representatives of BEL, FRA and GBR on 13.05.1913 in Gent. The 6th district of the German Arbeiterturnerbund was also in Gent without mandate, AUT and Trieste had declared their joining by letter.
The founding congress of the Association Socialiste Internationale d'Education physique, planned for September 1914 in Frankfurt, did not take place because of the First World War.
The founding congress of the finally called Internationaler Arbeiter-Verband für Sport und Körperkultur (International Workers' Association for Sports and Physical Culture) took place on 13.-14.09.1920 in Luzern with representatives from BEL, FIN, FRA, GER, GBR, SUI and TCH (DTJ). The organization was also known as Luzerner Sportinternationale (Lucerne Sport International) or abbreviated LSI.
On 02.11.1925 at the Congress in Paris, the association changed its name to Internationaler sozialistischer Verband für Arbeitersport und Körperkultur (International Socialist Association for Workers' Sports and Physical Culture). On 08.01.1928 the association changed its name again in Sozialistische Arbeitersport Internationale (SASI) (Socialist Workers' Sport International).
Some month before the 1st Workers' Olympiad, there was a vehement controversy with the communist Red Sport International (RSI). On 03.06.1925, the RSI demanded the unconditional invitation to the Olympiad. On 17.06., the LSI responded, the RSI needs only to join the LSI. The 1925 Paris congress of the Lucerne Sports International considered that an agreement with the RSI was currently impossible and prohibited events with its members.
After a period of improving relations in 1926, the 4th congress of the LSI, August 1927 in Helsinki, terminated the contacts with the RSI finally. Only after the Nazi take over in Germany, starting with the Paris athletes march against fascism (in which also athletes of the RSI participated), it came to an approximation again.
On 01.03.1935, negotiations started between representatives of SASI (objective: cooperation) and RSI (objective: union) in Praha. (Meanwhile the secretariats of both associations were located in Praha - SASI since 1927 with secretary Silaba and RSI with secretary Aksamit.) At the second meeting on 06.09.1935, a joint appeal was released "Athletes and gymnasts of the world to boycott the Hitler Olympics". The SASI conference (30.11./01.12.1935 in Praha) approved the negotiations, thereby clearing the way for the resumption of relations with the RSI. For the first time, the RSI-affiliated associations (with the exception of the Czechoslovak FPT) and other workers' sports federations, which belonged to neither of the two internationals, took part in the 3rd Workers' Olympiad in Antwerpen.
With the beginning of the Second World War, the SASI collapsed.


1929: 24 national federations with 1.701.926 members:
AUT - Arbeiterbund für Sport und Körperkultur in Österreich (ASKÖ)
BEL - Fédération Ouvrière Socialiste d'Education Physique, Sportive et Morale
DEN - Arbejderns Idraefs Forbund of Danmark
EST - Eesti Töölisspordi Liit
FIN - Työväen Urheiluliitto (TUL)
FRA - Union des Sociétés Sportives et Gymniques du Travail
FRA - Fédération Sportive et Gymnique du Travail d'Alsace et de Lorraine (Alsace and Lorraine)
FRA - Fédération Sportive du Travail d'Alsace et de Lorraine (Alsace and Lorraine)
GER - Zentralkommission für Arbeitersport und Körperpflege
GBR - British Workers Sports Federation
HUN - Munkás Testedzö Egyesület
Mandatory Palestine - Hitagduth l'Tarbuth Gu Zanie „Hapoel"
NED - Nederlandsche Arbeiders Sportbond
ROU - Uniunea Societatilor Sportive Muncitoresti den Romania (since 1930)
POL - Związek Robotniczych Stowarzyszen Sportowych (Polish)
POL - Arbeter gezelshaft far fizisher dertsiung "morgnshtern" in poyln (Jewish)
POL - Arbeiter-Turn- und Sportbund (German)
POL - Holowna Luhowa Rada (Ukrain)
LAT - Stradnieku Sports un Sargs
SUI - Schweizerischer Arbeiter-Turn- und Sportverband (SATUS)
TCH - Arbeiter-Turn- und Sportverband in der Tschechoslowakischen Republik (German)
TCH - Svaz Delnických telocvicných jednot českoslov (Czech)
USA - Workers Gymnastic and Sport Alliance
USA - Workers Sports League of America (since 1937)
YUG - Splošna delavska izobraževalna zveza za Slovenijo „Svoboda"


Head of the International Bureau
13.05.1913 - Saint Venant FRA and Gaston Bridoux BEL
Chairman of LSI
13.09.1920 - 09.08.1927 Gaston Bridoux BEL
09.08.1927 - 08.01.1928 Dr. Julius Deutsch AUT and Cornelius Gellert GER
President of SASI
08.01.1928 - 06.05.1933 Dr. Julius Deutsch AUT and Cornelius Gellert GER
06.05.1933 - 07.10.1934 Dr. Julius Deutsch AUT and Albert Guillevic FRA
07.10.1934 - Dr. Julius Deutsch AUT

After World War II

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