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FIP - Federation of International Polo

fip-logo Polo is probably one of the oldest sports in the world. More than 2,000 years ago, Asian nomadic peoples played ball games on horseback. In the Middle Ages, this sport spread also to South Asia. British tea farmers got to know polo at the beginning of the 19th century in India. In 1850, the British cavalry established the first rules and a few years later, the sport had established itself in England and especially in the United States.
In the 1920s and 1930s, Polo reached its first climax so far, was also an Olympic sport. After the World War II, the sport disappeared from the international scene for many years.
Today's Federation of International Polo (FIP) was founded in 1982 in Buenos Aires. In 2019, the FIP has 55 national associations in full membership.


25.11.1982 - 14.03.1997 Marcos Uranga ARG
14.03.1997 - 28.11.2005 Glen Holden USA
28.11.2005 - 23.11.2009 Patrick Guerrand-Hermès FRA
23.11.2009 - 14.02.2010 🕆 James W. Ashton AUS, interim
15.02. - 09.03.2010 Thomas Biddle USA, interim
09.03. - 19.04.2010 Eduardo J. Huergo ARG, interim
19.04.2010 - 06.12.2012 Eduardo J. Huergo ARG
06.12.2012 - 04.12.2014 Dr. Richard T. Caleel USA
04.12.2014 - 14.12.2018 Nicholas Colquhoun-Denvers ENG
14.12.2018 - 01.12.2022 Horacio Areco ARG
01.12.2022 - Piero Dillier SUI

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