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FITASC - Fédération Internationale de Tir aux Armes Sportives de Chasse

fitasc-logo On June 4th, 1921, the Union Internationale de Tir de Chasse (UIC) was founded in Lausanne SUI by Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, and USA.
The aim of this new federation UIC was to gather national groups from around the world that practice these sports of shooting live pigeon, clay pigeon (clay target) and running deer/ boar (with bullets) and to unify their rules. This declaration of responsibility was made in close coordination with the UIT. The UIC was responsible for the program at the Olympic Games and reserved the right to organize international championships in these shooting disciplines. The statutes were adopted on November 25th, 1925, at the first ordinary general assembly.
The UIC organized the competitions for clay pigeon (Olympic Trap) and for running deer shooting under its rules at the Olympic Games in Paris 1924. However, the IOC then decided to take these competitions out of the mandatory program. As a result, the UIC launched the International Championships, which are usually held annually (sometimes in connection with the UIT World championships):
Due to the cancellation from the Olympic program, on May 28, 1926, the UIC general assembly decided to create an International Championship for shooting with hunting weapons every three years. The general assembly proposed to hold the first World championship in Amsterdam on the occasion of the 1928 Olympic Games. The UIC suggests, that if the Netherlands would prefer not to organize this first championship, it would be staged in Paris in 1927. This decision was later changed again announcing the organization of an annual International Championship for clay pigeon shooting, first held in the first week of May 1927 in Bruxelles BEL and the first International championship for running deer shooting together with the next International championship for clay pigeon shooting 1928 in Paris FRA (published on 15.02.1927 - postponed to 1928 on 01.05.1927).
At the general assembly on July 23, 1938, the name was changed to Fédération Internationale de Tir aux Armes Sportives de Chasse (FITASC). The FITASC also decided on recognizing of world records, but only if identical and comparable rules are available and applied.
In order to bring clay pigeon shooting and shooting at the running deer back into the Olympic program, FITASC decided at its general assembly on July 1st, 1947, to transfer these disciplines to the IOC-sanctioned UIT (The UIT congress on 01.08.1947 had unanimously accepted the transfer of power that the FITASC willingly gave up. In 1952 the disciplines were back in the Olympic program).
FITASC also resigned from organizing of World championships, but continued to organize (1947, 1951 and 1952) European championships in these disciplines. But the FITASC had organized World championships every year. At UIT, apart from the Olympic Games, there were only World championships every four years. Thereupon the FITASC general assembly instructed its president on 11.02.1951 to do everything possible to organize annual World championships again.
The agreement with the UIT, adopted on December 17th, 1951, provided for the following: The FITASC is again organizing annual European championships. (UIT: organizing during certain odd numbered years of Pan-European, Pan-American, team championships; FITASC: organizing every year a European individual championship (200 pigeons) which all shooters of all nations can take part without limitation of numbers)
On July 9th, 1954, it was reported at the general assembly that the harmonization of the rules for trap and skeet between FITASC and UIT had been finished.
The relationship between FITASC and UIT remained problematically. A first misunderstanding between the UIT and the FITASC resulting in two European championships in 1955. In September 1955 all the misunderstandings between the two associations had been dispelled and resulted in a new agreement.
At the general assembly on 13.06.1958 the FITASC renewed its demands on annual World clay target shooting championships. The congress of the UIT 1958 in Moskva URS accepts the principal of such an annual World championship but organizing them by the UIT itself.
The UIT congress in September 1967 voted for the unilateral breach of the agreement with the FITASC, concerning the European championships, and organizing them by itself.
In 1970, UIT and FITASC agreed in principle obtained according to which the FITASC, stops their activities in the two Olympic disciplines, to the benefit of the UIT, could freely continue their activity in all non-Olympic disciplines, without territorial restriction, and the UIT promised, that the federations affiliated to it, would stay members of the FITASC.

1925: 11 member federations
1928: 13 member federations
1931: 17 member federations
1939: 29 member federations from 27 nations
1947: 20 member federations
1947: 13 member federations (after giving up the Olympic disciplines)
1956: 21 member federations
1966: 43 member federations from 40 nations


04.06. - 25.11.1921 Justinien Comté de Clary FRA, provisional
25.11.1921- 13.06.1933 🕆 Justinien Comté de Clary FRA
13.06.1933 - 21.11.1945 🕆 Maurice Faure FRA
21.11.1945 - 30.11.1947 Maxime Ducrocq FRA, interim
30.11.1947 - ??.??.1949 Maxime Ducrocq FRA
??.??.1949 - 11.02.1951(?) Hubert Durand-Dassier FRA
11.02.1951(?) - 1972 Comte Henri de Gouvion Saint Cyr FRA

Secretaries General

04.06. - 25.11.1921 Guillaume Vassé FRA, provisional
25.11.1921- 1924(?) Guillaume Vassé FRA
1924(?) - 23.07.1938 Marcel Adelon FRA
23.07.1938 - 30.11.1947 Jules Cavroy FRA
30.11.1947 - 1974 Pierre Bouyssou FRA

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